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Brennan Vaughn
Founder & President

Brennan Vaughn is the founder and President of VAUGHN Real Estate Development, a regional real estate acquisitions and operations player in select markets of West Michigan, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Brennan has transacted on 4 properties with a market value of $2.2m worth of real estate since the founding of VAUGHN. Born and raised in a small town outside of Kalamazoo, MI to two small business entrepreneurs, he is constantly identifying opportunities for VAUGHN, investors and partners to succeed. 

Prior to starting VAUGHN in 2020, Brennan spent a small amount of time in the Heating & Cooling construction contract world, working on apartment projects & light commercial new developments. Most recently in the prior 4 years, Brennan assisted some of the nation's largest employers in the oil & gas, retail, and internet industries to identify software solutions to streamline operations, increase profitability, and reduce risk to gain a competitive edge.

Today, Brennan is actively involved in deal selection, direct-to-seller acquisitions, analyzing and underwriting deals, and continuing deep relationships with brokers, lenders and contractors. 

In Brennan's free time: Brennan no free time. He's finding great deals.  



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