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Vaughn Ventures

We give apartment & commercial property owners a platform to sell directly to one buyer.

Vaughn Ventures is an independently operated real estate platform founded in 2021 that invests in apartments and commercial properties in several markets throughout Michigan & the Southeast. Since day 1 we have focused an immense amount of energy on building trusted relationships with property owners like yourself so you can rely on one buyer to meet your needs.

Vaughn Ventures Platform Highlights

61,350 SqFt



Owners Retired


Acquisition volume

The Team Behind Vaughn Ventures

Selling your property is easy when you deal with 1 buyer who performs.

Certainty of close

We have a 100% closing record since our founding in 2021. Building trust with Vaughn Ventures is key when selling assets.


Selling directly can result in a quicker turnaround for you instead of waiting on finding a buyer. Our average close time from PSA to signing is 58 days.

Simple due diligence

We will never retrade a price with you. Vaughn Ventures takes a simple approach to due diligence and has yet to retrade price or back out. 

Local involvement

Why sell to an out-of-state firm that knows nothing about your community? Vaughn Ventures is invested in the community via philanthropic events and family ties.

Legacy lives on

We respect your tenant relationships and memories associated with the property giving you peace of mind knowing the next owners will pay it forward.

Property Qualifications

Multifamily Apartments

Multifamily apartments from 10 units up to 100 units.


Storage units, retail, strip malls, NNN or NN.

Light Industrial

Contractor garages, warehouses, and manufacturing. 

$500k to $10m Purchase Price

We do not invest in large institutional or Class A projects. We directly support retiring & or motivated owners with portfolios less than $15m

Locally Owned

80% of the properties we acquire are directly from local owners who have less than 10 properties, held for 10+ years, and ready to retire. 

Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh

"I received Brennan's letter in the mail explaining how his business invests directly with retiring property owners. For the last 8 months, I've been looking for the right buyer. Being an out of state owner for the last 18 years and 71 years old, I certainly had operational challenges. I sold my 20,000 sqft commercial building to Brennan and his team who did an excellent job delivring me an offer that made it hard to say no."

Zondervan Enterprises

Kalamazoo, Michigan


Dorchester Apartment Suites
8 units


Oshtemo Office Park (Full Gross)
18 business suites


2 unit Commercial (NN)


Mixed Use 7 unit (N)



12 Unit Multifamily



5 Unit Apartment Suites


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